Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Water?

The reason we chose clean water as one of our main focuses, is because of the following:

Right now, one billion people on the planet dont have access to safe, clean drinking water.

Thats 1 in 8 of us.

42,000 deaths occur every week from unsafe water, and it’s rising!

Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of diseases and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.
And besides would you drink this?
There are many locations we know of that are in dire need of a clean water resource as well as sanitation efforts. These locations also have some of the best water sports conditions in the world for surfing, windsurfing and more. We hope to be bringing you closer to the positive changes we are bringing to the lives of the communities. We also will be creating ways you can connect through us and to the communities through donations and visually amazing real time video.

Water is not the only answer either as sanitation is another key issue, as documented in this video!
If you can make it through the first segment, good job.

Levi Siver

Levi is one of the most recognized windsurfers in the world. At a young age he got his start on the pro tour and is now expanding his career and life into a diverse synergy of projects and accomplishments. Levi always seems to have a smile on his face and being a member of +H2O he's hoping to put smiles on others faces.



Favorite Spots:
Ho'okipa, secret spots

Red Bull, Oxbow, Dakine, Quatro, Goya Sails, MFC

I lived my childhood dream of being a professional windsurfer and traveling the world.
Pioneered a never before windsurfing location featured in the upcoming "TheWindsurfingMovie 2"
Being involved in the production and riding in the award winning "The Windsurfing Movie."
2010 Projects:
My main focus will be the successful release and world tour of TWM 2.
My own formated windsurfing contest with the best of the best shredding in Hawaii.

The team talks about Levi and Levi shows how its done!

Jake Miller

Jake seems to have his hand in a lot of different projects. And with +H2O he is probably the most passionate. "Being able to help others in need is a gratifying experience. It's especially exciting to know that maybe one of those people being helped could be the next person to give inspiration to others." Jake spends almost every windy day on the water or on the beach filming which is another passion of his.

Here's some more info on Jake:



Favorite Spots:
Maui, Baja, The Gorge, The Oregon Coast

Monster Energy, Smith Optics, Dakine, Quatro International, Blue Planet Hawaii, Goya Sails, MFC, Chinook, Pro-motion wetsuits

To create what surfing is to the general public for windsurfing, an exciting sport that anyone can do!

My love for watersports started on a lake in Wyoming where I grew up. After chasing the wind for a few years I ended up on the island of Maui. I now call Hawaii my home and enjoy an eternal summer with wind and waves. I also enjoy taking trips around the world to discover untouched waves.

2008: 1st Men's Gorge Freestyle Frenzy (OR)
2007: 1st Mens Gorge Freestyle Frenzy (OR)
2003: 3rd Pistol River Bash Wave Contest (OR)
3rd The Dalles Ramp/Freestyle (OR)
3rd The Arlington Big Air Contest (OR)
4th Oregon XXX Overall (OR)
6th Gorge Games (OR)

And here is a video of Jake over the past year!

Keith Teboul

Keith has been shaping boards over the past 20 years. He is a world renowned shaper and innovator for the sport of windsurfing. Keith is also very passionate to be in the water, weather its surfing, windsurfing or stand-up paddling, he does it all.

Here are some stats on Keith:



Favorite Spots:
secret spots that only I know and a few friends

Quatro international, MFC, Goya Sails

Travel to new destinations to discover new waves and peoples of this planet.

Born in Madagascar and lived there for 10 years. Then I moved to Guadeloupe when I was 12 and started windsurfing.....high school in San diego. Moved to Hawaii when I was 17 and haven't looked back. I have traveled the world in search of virgin waves for the last 14 years.

2004:1st Baja invitational
2002:2nd Dakine Maui
2001:1st Triology Madagascar

And here is a killer video of Keith shredding!

Pascal Bronnimann

Pascal started windsurfing when he was nine. He is one of the most passionate windsurfers on the water and is out no matter what the conditions are doing. His love for the sport has transferred into being conscious of the world and its resources.

Here's a little bit about Pascal



Favorite Spots:
Gnaraloo, Pungarehu, Glass Beach, Toes, Lanes, Ho'okipa

Quatro International Goya Sails, Blue Planet Hawaii, Chinook, MFC, Zeal Optics, Aloe Up

To enjoy every day and keep on smiling.

My passion for windsurfing began when I was nine
years old. It has taken me all over the world and led
me to some of the most exotic and spectacular

2000: 1st, Blue Planet Diamond Head Pro-Am
1999: 2nd, final overall standing after 3 events
1st, Blue Planet Diamond Head Pro-Am
4th, North Shore challenge, Mokuleia
1998: 4th, final overall standing after 4 events (participated in 3)
3rd, Blue Planet Windsurf Bash, Diamond Head
5th, Hinano/Ocean Club Diamond Head Pro-Am
4th, North Shore Wave Sailing Challenge, Mokuleia
1997: 3rd amateur, final overall standing after 4 events (participated in 1)
1st amateur, Blue Planet Diamond Head Pro-Am
1996: 3rd amateur, Hawaiian Windsurf Bash, Diamond Head

And here is a little video of Pascal ripping on Maui along with comments from the other team members.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Giving Back"

You may be asking what is Positive H2O? Before +H2O was created, we all became friends through our passion of windsurfing and being in the water almost everyday. We are combining our efforts with our different knowledge and skills to a common goal of "giving back". When we came up with the idea, we where all able to connect with a common vision of how to get there. We will also be promoting staying healthy through nutrition and water activities. As time goes on we will be creating ways where you the reader can connect with us and help make a difference as well. Every living thing on this planet needs clean water. We strive to push ourselves on the water everyday we go out. And having a clean playground is important as well. We are using our passion to change people's lives. Stay tuned for more news coming soon!